What is battlefield?

It is basically a king of the hill type of game. The goal is to get as much points as possible. You can buy
Hair Shop Coupon
for 50 fame, or when you get 10,000 fame pts you can buy
Lan Forta's Energy A
(aka fame box) from the battlefield npc, which contains a random chance at a godly item.

Starting time

In game, the starting time says 08:00 and 20:00. This time is Pacific DST (daylight savings time), California time. It doesnt' switch to PST, always PDT.

Number of battlefields

There are 4 battlefields (called rooms also) at one time. You get randomly put in one, you can relog to find a better room if you don't like the one you got (too many pros, someone hunting you?).

How to play?

In king of the hill type games, you usually have to hold on to some object and stay in an area as long as you can while people try to kill you. In battlefield, said object is being in valkyrie mode.

Three ways to become valkyrie:

Valkyrie mode lasts 2 minutes from the time you destroy the emperium. If you kill someone in valkyrie mode you inherit their timer. Sometimes you will kill someone and lose valkyrie mode 1 second afterwards.

In valkyrie mode you gain 1 pt each tick when you are not on one of the two bases. A tick is every 5 seconds, that is when the game updates the score. The main base in the middle (aka mid) gives you 10 pts per tick. The top smaller base (aka top) gives you 5 pts per tick. If you are in blue valkyrie mode (also called white, your wings are blue/white), your rate of pts are double. So it becomes 2 pts each tick not on base, 20 pts per tick main base, and 10 pts per tick smaller base on top.

Other ways you can gain pts is by killing people obviously, but the pts are different depending on who you kill. You can get between 1-8 pts depending on the lvl of the person you killed (data table is below). The score you gain by killing is called "Defeat" in game. This is your "Kills" score at the end of the battlefield btw. Record is overall points and fame is overall minus points lost from death.

You also get a bonus for killing people in valkyrie mode. Based on my observation, it is 5 pts for killing normal valkyrie and 10 pts for killing blue valkyrie. This score is called "Trainees killed" at the ending scoreboard. I basically counted # of normal and blue valkyries I killed to come up with that. That and the trainees killed is always in multiples of 5.

You can lose 1-8 pts when you die depending on your lvl. Evitte did all the hard work of figuring out how much pts you gain and lose depending on the enemy's or your lvl.

Kill someone (their lvl)
The same bracketing applies to losing points when you get killed. You lose points based on your level. So this is constant depending on your level. Before hitting 71, I lose 7 pts only and gain 7 pts when I donate fame. Now I'm 71, if I die, I lose 8 pts and gain 8pts for donating fame.

You can go negative too. Sometimes I start the game off badly and die 3 times in a row and get -24pts. Nothing like playing catchup to get you going. O.o


There are four warp portals on the map, one in each corner. When you enter one you have a random chance of appearing at one of the four warp portals. Yes, you can end up exactly where you are if you enter one. I have died that way a few times. It makes for a decent escape most times. The wait is pretty long though. A nice tip is that you can touch the portal and start the loading bar, but you do not have to stand on it for the whole time. You can run somewhere else and when it is done loading you will be ported to one of the four warp portals.

Scoring at the end

Rewards For each battlefield session:

When you get 10,000 fame pts you can buy
Lan Forta's Energy A
(aka fame box). This box gives you a random chance of a bravery weapon. There is also a rare chance of getting
Valkyrie's Relic A
(aka valkyrie box). Valkyrie box gives you a random chance of valkyrie accessory. The chance of a valkyrie box is pretty low, maybe 10%? Not enough data yet.


The weapons have a low and high ATK/MATK version. The high version is much rarer. The two stats you get on the weapon is random, most of the stats have a low and high version. Some don't and are just flat.

Lan Forta's Energy A
- Full Items List

Shining Sword(Bravery)
- 1 hand sword
ATK 138 or 171 with two random stats from VIT11, FLEE4, AGI6, AGI14, STR6, STR16, SP ABS 2%, HP ABS 2%, HP MAX +12%

- 2 hand sword
ATK 219 or 272 with two random stats from AGI12, AGI14, ASPD16, STUN 2%, STUN 3%, STR13, STR17, CRIT5, CRIT9

- staff
MATK 25% or 66% with two random stats from WIND 10%, POSION 10%, INT12, INT13, INT16, VIT12, VIT13, SPR13, MATK16

- mace
MATK 22% or 50% with two random stats from MAXHP +115, MAXHP +155, MAXHP +161, INT7, INT15, STR7, STR14, AGI7, MAXSP69

Lunar Blade(Valor)
- dagger
ATK 212 or 266 with two random stats from HP ABS 2%, SP ABS 2%, SP ABS 3%, AGI8, AGI10, VIT5, VIT12, STR12, ASPD5

Inverse Scare(Valor)
- katar
ATK 252 or 311 with two random stats from STR9, STR15, STUN3, STUN5, CRIT4, CRIT7, AGI9, SP ABS 2%, HP ABS 3%, ATK +139

Valkyrie Accessories

Battle Ring of Valkyrie
- swordsman
Two random stats from STR8, ALL5, STUN 3%, HP ABS 3%, MAXHP +298

Magic Ring of Valkyrie
- mage
Two random stats from INT8, ALL5, MAXHP 6%, MAXHP +196

Divine Ring of Valkyrie
- acolyte
Two random stats from INT7, ALL5, STR7, MAXHP 5%

Valkyrie's Agility Ring
- thief
Two random stats from AGI7, STR6, VIT6, STUN4, MAXHP +189


Battlefield Gameplay Videos

greedyxangel - Priest - Mimir

DarkXKisa - Knight - Poring
igolfy - Knight - Poring
iCuddlei - Knight- Poring
panialieo? - Knight - Korea
Szpan - Knight - Mimir

ponialieo? - Wizard - Korea
Funchum - Wizard - Mimir

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SzpanKnightMimir21066 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5+697 8am
SzpanKnightMimir12229 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir3948 8am
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SzpanKnightMimir21084 8pm
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SzpanKnightMimir21074 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+1044 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir3930 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11160 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11377 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+592 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir3971 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21070 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+497 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11067 8am
SzpanKnightMimir4869 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir1987 8am
SzpanKnightMimir31076 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11251 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11012 8pm
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SzpanKnightMimir41052 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir4659 8am
SzpanKnightMimir4820 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11359 8am
SzpanKnightMimir31184 8am
SzpanKnightMimir4917 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir3997 8am
SzpanKnightMimir22009 8pm
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SzpanKnightMimir11385 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2900 8am
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SzpanKnightMimir3985 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11259 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir4993 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11381 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5800 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21384 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11131 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11336 8am
SzpanKnightMimir2892 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir21219 8am
SzpanKnightMimir3965 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2866 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11521 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir21215 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21141 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir1864 8am
SzpanKnightMimir3807 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5+597 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+512 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5697 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11070 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11136 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11359 8am
SzpanKnightMimir2771 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11048 8am
SzpanKnightMimir3867 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2934 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11157 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5+660 8am
SzpanKnightMimir2818 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir31025 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21094 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir21362 8am
SzpanKnightMimir4739 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2885 8am
SzpanKnightMimir1998 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11452 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11026 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5+549 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21216 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11151 8am
SzpanKnightMimir3783 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2866 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11315 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir5623 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11056 8am
SzpanKnightMimir1896 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir21216 8am
SzpanKnightMimir2948 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir4820 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11382 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11287 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11206 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11212 8am
SzpanKnightMimir2849 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11232 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11007 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11420 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+860 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11376 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11687 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21492 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir21457 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11095 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11595 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21183 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11509 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11172 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11068 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21312 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir1963 8am
SzpanKnightMimir31299 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11884 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21292 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11330 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11443 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11155 8am
SzpanKnightMimir22142 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11431 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21259 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir1991 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21758 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11588 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21262 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir31044 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+293 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir41018 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+250 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11413 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+149 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2893 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11087 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11068 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11173 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11594 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11669 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21172 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11436 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir1873 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+324 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21555 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11222 8am
SzpanKnightMimir21490 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11526 8am
SzpanKnightMimir5+218 8am
SzpanKnightMimir31369 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir21044 8am
SzpanKnightMimir3977 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11912 8am
SzpanKnightMimir4670 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2698 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11102 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir2951 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11247 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir11130 8am
SzpanKnightMimir11228 8pm
SzpanKnightMimir4790 8am
greedyxangelPriestMimir11222 8am
greedyxangelPriestMimir12537 8pm
greedyxangelPriestMimir12236 8am?
DarkXKisaKnightPoring1684 8am
DarkXKisaKnightPoring3831 8pm
DarkXKisaKnightPoring21371 8am
DarkXKisaKnightPoring2969 8pm
DarkXKisaKnightPoring2952 8am
DarkXKisaKnightPoring5+429 8pm
DarkXKisaKnightPoring4925 8am
DarkXKisaKnightPoring3961 8pm
igolfyKnightPoring11120 8am
igolfyKnightPoring3990 8pm
igolfyKnightPoring2865 8am
igolfyKnightPoring21227 8am
igolfyKnightPoring2859 8am
igolfyKnightPoring5830 8am
igolfyKnightPoring3884 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11789 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11414 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11048 8am
igolfyKnightPoring+5693 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11178 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11224 8am
igolfyKnightPoring21242 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11170 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11544 8am
igolfyKnightPoring3932 8am
igolfyKnightPoring1985 8am
igolfyKnightPoring3961 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11236 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11115 8am
igolfyKnightPoring21429 8am
igolfyKnightPoring4855 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11186 8am
igolfyKnightPoring11467 8am
igolfyKnightPoring21213 8pm
igolfyKnightPoring11717 8am
igolfyKnightPoring21009 8pm
igolfyKnightPoring21225 8am
igolfyKnightPoring31283 8am
iCuddleiKnightPoring31012 11pm
iCuddleiKnightPoring11292 11am
iCuddleiKnightPoring3964 11pm
iCuddleiKnightPoring1898 11pm
iCuddleiKnightPoring21317 11pm
iCuddleiKnightPoring11000 11am
FunchumWizardMimir12124 8pm
FunchumWizardMimir11598 8am
FunchumWizardMimir11548 8pm


Simple chat

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VVVS Plate Armor
3 000 000 Zeny
Armor / Demand Lv:21 / Rank:4
Defense:55 / MDEF:32
Equip: Swordsman Class
Buy: 0 / Sell: 0 / Tradeable
10 VIT 21 DEF  
Monster drops:
Contact:Server Valhalla,country India
Note:Refined to +1 and R3 defence cards
Temple Manteau
14 000 000 Zeny
Manteau / Demand Lv:49 / Rank:4
Defense:20 / MDEF:14
Equip: Swordsman Class
Buy: 33320 / Sell: 8330 / Tradeable
7% MaxHP 160 MaxHP  
Monster drops:
User:artintense, wechat : art_intense
Poring S Card(4)
60 000 000 Zeny
Helmet Card / Rank:4
Buy: 400 / Sell: 100 / Tradeable
6% Neutral extra damage  
Monster drops:
2 Zeny
Pet / Attack:0~0 / Range:0 / Attack Speed:0sec / Demand Lv:20 / Lv:2 / Slots:8
Buy: 2500 / Sell: 625 / Tradeable
3% Shadow resistance  A cute little ghost that is commonly seen in the Valder area.
Monster drops:
1 000 000 Zeny
Two-handed Sword / Demand Lv:72 / Rank:4
Attack:224 / MATK:0%
Equip: Swordsman Class
Buy: 632218 / Sell: 158054 / Tradeable
13 STR 6 Crit  
Monster drops:
Wild Tail
7 000 000 Zeny
Manteau / Demand Lv:61 / Rank:4
Defense:23 / MDEF:16
Equip: Swordsman Class
Buy: 47580 / Sell: 11895 / Tradeable
8 VIT 14 ASPD  
Monster drops:
Note:+5, flee4% x 3
VVS Bradium Shield
35 000 000 Zeny
Shield / Demand Lv:57 / Rank:4
Defense:46 / MDEF:32
Equip: Swordsman Class
Buy: 0 / Sell: 0 / Tradeable
12 VIT 17 DEF  
Monster drops:
Note:+6, kukre r4 x 3
VVS Wild Tail
70 000 000 Zeny
Manteau / Demand Lv:61 / Rank:4
Defense:25 / MDEF:18
Equip: Swordsman Class
Buy: 0 / Sell: 0 / Tradeable
10 DEF 9 VIT  
Monster drops:
Little Angel Hat
500 000 Zeny
Helmet / Demand Lv:1 / Rank:4
Defense:5 / MDEF:8
Equip: Archer Class Thief Class Swordsman Class Mage Class Acolyte Class
Buy: 0 / Sell: 0 / Tradeable
3 INT 55 MaxSP  
Monster drops:
Pet Dokebi
5 000 000 Zeny
Pet / Attack:0~0 / Range:0 / Attack Speed:0sec / Demand Lv:1 / Lv:3 / Slots:8
Buy: 5000 / Sell: 1250 / Tradeable
3 INT  A spirit that wanders around absentmindedly, and then suddenly asks a difficult riddle to random passersby.
Monster drops: